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Established 2006



Situated in the Adelaide Hills we have previously been stud cattle breeders.My husband having had two operations on his spine we decided to downsize both land and animal in 1999.

 Having bought a fairly damp block of land we initially went into black suffolks . This was fine for a for a few years and our local butcher certainly enjoyed our produce.In 2004 we purchased an unrelated business that took up lots of our time so we needed to cut back on the labour involved with the sheep. I had been following the progress of Dorpers but found it difficult to source stock locally. We did a bit of upgrading with our stud suffolk ewes and later we purchased a line of shedding upgrades and full shedding stud ram from Brocburn Tasmania. We figured if they shed in Tassie they would shed anywhere.We were delighted with the results no more crutching or shearing or lice treatment  The sheep managed the wet land and went forth and multiplied.

 One of my biggest frustrations had been and still is finding stock that shed sufficiently. One thing led to another and so came private stud purchases from Kaya  W A . Here we were able to procure outstanding 95 to 100 percent shedding ewes  and  a clean shedding ram that was previously used in the Kaya stud.

  We are very strict with the quality of stock we have   and just because an animal has stud  parents if they dont measure up they end up at the butchers. With emphasis on lambplan figures and fertility. We only retain the very best for stud purposes We no longer keep upgrades.

 Our  priority is always on the shedding as this is what is expected of the breed and often leads to disappointment for unwary purchasers.

  We are always happy to talk Dorpers and advise any new prospective breeders .If we cant provide the stock needed we ALWAYS pass on to other breeders who can.